Guest Speakers

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17 January 2023 – Sharon Baldwin, Author, The Gardeneers, Kids Permaculture ... read more

21 February – Robin Johnson, Propagation and Grafting 
Robin is passionate about gardens and has a practical down to earth approach to the methodology of sowing and harvesting. He will provide a practical workshop showing us how to increase our plants through budding as a form of shrub, rose and tree propagation. Budding is  mostly done during our summer months, November to late January when plants are in their full growth period with sap rising through the stem of the rootstock.

He will be provide pictorial handouts of this specialised plant propagation method.

Afterwards enjoy a ramble in the Railway Garden followed by lunch with your fellow gardeners at the Alexandra Hotel Leura. 

21 March – Brenda Lyons, All about Daffodils ... read more

Past Years Speakers


bluebell flower
Purple bluebell flower

15 February – Liz Benson, Pollination

15 March – Lis Bastian, About Permaculture  

19 April –  Duncan Leys

17 May – Oliver Kelly, Frog Habitats 

21 June – Neville Burns, Snakes of the Blue Mountains 

19 July – Peter Green, Pyrolysis and Biochar 

16 August – David White and Bridget Moseley, Leura Garden Festival plus Queens Platinum Morning Tea 

20 September – Vicky Austin, Citizen Science

18 October – Robin Johnson, The gardener through history

15 November – Lyndall Crompton,  Saving the Shipley Apple 

13 December – Grandview Hotel Wentworth Falls